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Friday, March 18, 2011


Paul H

Is this the highest that any Ignatius Press book has ever ranked on the NYT bestseller list?

By the way, I recently bought my copy from Does NYT take Amazon sales into account, or do they track only brick-and-mortar stores like Barnes and Noble? (I think that they surely must take online sales into account, but I'm not 100% sure.)

Paul H

Speaking of Amazon, Jesus of Nazareth 2 is currently at #19 on Amazon's bestseller list -- and that includes both fiction and nonfiction.

Also, I wonder if e-book sales count in the NYT bestseller rankings?

Kevin C.

It also peaked last week, Friday I think, at #5 on Amazon's top 100 books (of any sort).


NYT Times bestseller list, Amazon top sellers ... sort of fun, but dubious distinctions as well!

Carl E. Olson

... but dubious distinctions as well!

Joe: You lost me. What is "dubious"? Keeping track of sales? Having a Catholic book on a best-sellers list? Something else?

Paul H

Congratulations on hitting the top ten! I know that this is a big deal. I should have said that in my first comment above, before launching into questions.

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