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Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Ed Peters

What a kind post, Carl. I'm glad some people find these writings useful.

(We did have a good group up there, didn't we? Two in fact, no? What good memories you brought back.)

Carl E. Olson

It was a great group. I forget the exact numbers (as I'm shabby with numbers), but out of a class of 21 or 22, there were seven permanent deacons, one priest (Eastern rite!), a guy by the name of Harold Burke-Sivers (now a deacon and an internationally-known speaker), and many other very talented folks. Being able to study under yourself, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, Mark Brumley, Marcellino D'Ambrosio, Mark Lowery, Christopher Ruff, and many others was a real privilege and blessing. I think that three (perhaps four?) classes graduated from the U of D/Portland IRPS program.

Nancy D.

The Church is in crisis. The loving anathema is not only for the sake of the individual, but it is also for the sake of Christ and for the Good of His Church. Why do so many of our Shepherds refuse to lead their sheep?


From your last post Ed;

Perhaps I fail in patience.

On the contrary, that is one thing that stands out for me in all of this. You set a great example for us all in patience. I read the litany that you gave of the tone of commentary you have been getting. I sincerely doubt I could have continued to respond with such clarity and charity.

God bless you for standing for the truth, especially when it doesn't conform to the popular idea of what that truth is.

Dan Deeny

Very interesting and helpful. I wonder if Dr. Peters could tell us if there are any canon laws that might apply to the bishop.

Carl E. Olson

Dan: The simple answer is, "Yes, lots!" Simply go to the Table of Contents for the Code of Canon Law and do a search for "bishops".

Dan Deeny

Thank you. I made a preliminary search, and, while I'm no canon lawyer, it looks to me as though the bishop is at fault at least as much, if not more than, Gov. Cuomo. The law is worded in such a way as to place the main responsibility on the person administering Communion. That would be the bishop, I suppose. Are there penalties for a bishop? I didn't find any.
One problem here is that it is easier to accuse a layman than a bishop. A canon lawyer runs the rish of causing real problems if he comes out against a bishop. Perhaps that is why so little was done during the great Arian heresy.

Teo Matteo

I thank Dr. Peters for his insight and the generosity of his time in explaining canon law, for without him i dont think there is another? Where else would we get such explanation?

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