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Wednesday, March 02, 2011



Just as Christ is the new Adam, He is also the new fruit on Eden's tree of life. The cross is often referred to as a tree, poetically. He is the fruit who hangs there. It pleases God to let Him literally hang there, so we can understand. God has always preferred to communicate with us through very basic, agrarian symbols: lambs, grapes, wine, blood, bread, wheat, water, figs, etc. The animal and vegetal language of simple human society.

A cross stripped of Christ is worthless. A crucifix is the only worthwhile symbol for the work of redemption. A crucifix is a fruit by which we can know whether to trust a place or a group of people. Woe to the protestants with their simple crosses. The cross itself is not what saves, but rather He who hangs on it.

More so, when an extra-protestant church, like the Mormons, won't even display a Christ-less cross, one can see the danger. They do a stake, or even nothing at all. No Christ, not even his vehicle. No fruit, no tree.

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