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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Rich Leonardi

As Amy Welborn once wrote, a Catholic can't send a steak back to the kitchen without the waiter sniffing something about the scandal. Anyone who has visited the online comment boxes of a secular newspaper knows as much. We're haunted, whether we need to be or not.

Ed Peters

Half, at least, all of the comments made contra my views on the Cuomo-Communion controversy, talked about NOTHING but the abuse scandal.

Joseph Smith

Dear Sir:
The Catholic Church Priest sex abuse scandal is FAR MORE serious than: "it needs to haunt us". Any rarional human being who knows anything concerning regeneration knows that it will DAMN those who are guilty...for eternity.
Redeemed sheep do not behave in such satanic manners...only wolves in sheeps' clothing are predators on young, unsuspecting, defenseless children. Is it the blind leading the blind?

Joseph Smith

Dear Folks:
Would some thinking person kindly tell me? In order to be a "good little Catholic", does one have to check his/her brain in at the door? Just swallow ALL the Church dogma....hook, line, &sinker. Whatever you do, don't think. Let him/her which thinketh be anathema! ! !

Carl E. Olson

Dear Joseph Smith:

Such wit! Such devastating points! I'm left nearly speechless by your dazzling rhetorical deftness. But, seriously, in order to be a Catholic-bashing smart aleck who knows less about Catholicism than he does about good spelling and argumentation, do you have to check your brain at the door? Can you even find the door? If you have a specific point or question, put it forth. If you want to play arrogant blowhard, take your insults elsewhere.

Joseph Smith

Gentlemen & or Ladies:
Of course, if you would be so presumptuous & foolhardy to think, & or question the can read the proscribed penalty as set forth by Pius IX, in the 1854 Decree on the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary...last paragraph. But, God forbid. :-(

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