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Monday, March 28, 2011


Nancy D.

In the spirit of in locus parentis, perhaps the question should be, "If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will you give him a stone?" -Christ a.k.a., The Bread of Life

thomas tucker

I can tell you this- if Gonzaga does not reclaim its Catholic heritage, and strengthen its Catholic identity with a commitment to orthodox Catholic Faith, then none of my five children will matriculate there. And I even live in Washington State. I will guide them instead to Wyoming, or Florida, or other places where the Faith is cherished, and followed, and taught.


"The function of the university" wrote Thomas Merton, "is to help men and women save their souls, and in so doing, to save their society: from what? From the hell of meaninglessness, of obsession, of complex artifice, of systematic lying, of criminal evasions and neglects, of self-destructive futilities."

Very interesting, and revealing, that he didn't simply say, "From Hell." That's the correct answer, however unfashionable.


As a casual observer I am not overly impressed with the label of Jesuit lately.
“The changing face of Jesuit Catholic identity” perhaps the title should have been,”The grotesquely disfigured and horrifying face of Jesuit ‘Catholic?’ Identity.”

Here is another article that may shed some light on the current “Jesuit” situation in the USA. “Jesuits settle sex abuse scandal in Montana, Northwest for $166M”
Story Discussion Jesuits settle sex abuse scandal in Montana, Northwest for $166M
By DONNA GORDON BLANKINSHIP Associated Press | Posted: Friday, March 25, 2011 9:30 pm.

I have also read about a Jesuit Principle: “cura personalis,” which means "to care for the entire person." Too bad Jesuits do not seem to include the soul anymore as part of the "entire person."


The bigger question is not Gonzaga but whether any Jesuit school in America is still Catholic? A quick read of the headlines over the past week shows that that answer is likely "NO."

Lenore M

So sad. As a convert, I find nothing so exciting and inspiring as Jesus and his Church. Those students are being terribly shortchanged.
I'm so glad that 50 years ago when I discovered the Church there were still dedicated, holy, and intelligent priests to inspire and instruct me.
All of the USA needs prayers.


Why would Catholic parents sacrifice to send a child to a "Catholic" college that not only fails to reinforce Church teaching, but in many cases actively subverts it? Decades ago, our daughter became pregnant while a sophomore at a local "Catholic" college - when she inquired at the college's clinic, she was referred to Planned Parenthood. She dropped out of college for a while, gave birth to a child (who grew to become a fine young man, graduating with honors from another college). She returned to college, graduating several years behind her original class. We are also proud of her accomplishments; but no longer would recommend this college (run by the Jesuits, at least in theory) to parents whose Catholic faith is important to them.

Charles E Flynn

My favorite remark about sending one's children to college comes from someone I knew in college who has several children:

“Why would I want to spend $160,000 to get back a post-Christian pagan with poor sleep hygiene?”

Samuel Crow

I believe that this is a sign of the times and each of us need to take action by writing our Bishops and demanding a more Catholic Mass, more emphasis on Confession and all seven Sacraments. We must stand up for our Catholic uniqueness all the while ignoring those who denounce these changes as nothing more than a retreat backward to the Middle Ages. Vatican II was a great Council but we allowed the media to tell us about "changes" to such as Friday abstinence. Many believe we can eat a Big Mac on Friday. The sexual abuse scandal is, I believe, due to this laxness in Catholicisin Catholics. The question is not whether it's "liberal" or "conservative" rather whether it's "orthodox" or " heterodox."

Carmen J. Calvanese

If you turn the page in Loving and Living (page 4) Merton also says, "The function of a university is, then, first of all to help the student to discover himself: to recognize himself, and to identify who it is that chooses." Accordingly, the function of a university is to teach women and men to be who they are--children of a loving God; and by becoming who one is she or he is praising God.


I am a student at Gonzaga. Over the past two days I have seen many blogs say bad things about my school. I like my school very much. It is entirely unclear to me why people are implying that we are no longer Catholic. This is simply untrue. In my time here, I have felt a deep renewal of my Faith and grown in understanding. I would like it if my fellow Catholics would stop attacking my university. There is no reason for it. The post above makes little sense to me and the comments are very strange.

Charles Woodbury

I think back to who Notre Dame honored, and Georgetown ashamed of "IHS" being center stage,and my daughter taught by a protestant in a theology class at USF that Jesus had brothers, therefore the Holy Virgin wasn't a virgin.
Truly as the smoke of satan has entered the church, he certainly is in the universities.

Carl E. Olson

DK: You wrote: "The post above makes little sense to me ..." In case you missed it, the essay was written by Dr. Eric Cunningham, a tenured professor of history at Gonzaga University. You might consider talking directly with him about his essay, which I'm sure he would be happy to explain to you in person.


Thank you to Dr. Cunningham for continuing to fight in the face of what must be a very discouraging slide. Gonzaga and other "Catholic" universities ought to help students figure out how to function as a faithful Catholic in a hostile, secular culture. Instead they simply sell out to that toxic culture and provide a watered-down, luke-warm version of Catholicism that makes it easy to "pass" as a "tolerant" member of society.

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