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Wednesday, February 09, 2011



Great Post, Carl! I use the Creighton Model myself. It has been the only method that works for me. Like the women mentioned in the article, I, too, have felt abandoned by mainstream medical doctors. I've grown used to the condescending smiles and nods when I tell doctors I use NFP. Most still think NFP means the Rhythm Method! I am ecstatic to see the growth of NaProTechnology and the efforts to make it a widely available alternative to what currently masquerades as women's "health care".


My daughter has suffered from a gynacological problem for years and has been to many specialists whose only answer was to put her on the pill. As she had done her research she refused this because it would only mask her problem not cure it I introduced her to NaPro Technology and after six months of charting and blood tests her problem has been diagnosed and cured; her debilitating symptoms have gone and she will now be able to have children. NaPro Technology is about more than fertility; it treats and cures many female gynacological conditions.

Re the Rhythm Method - it was the best available method at the time.It worked for those women who had a regular cycle. Science has come a long way in the last 50 years and so newer methods are much more accurate.

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