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Thursday, February 24, 2011



Father Barron is a treasure.


When this hoary old prejudice shows itself, Catholics have to stand up to it, lest it be allowed to evolve into something even more dangerous.

That is the material point.

Manuel G. Daugherty Razetto

Catholics have been persecuted through most of the history of our country therefore we can't be surprised by the worrisome words written by Father Barron. What is thought-provoking derives from his last sentence, which merits close observation: "When this hoary prejudice shows itself, Catholics have to stand up to it, lest it be allowed to evolve into something even worse".

I'll preface this by saying the sentence is the more gripping part of the article.
First, I believe the mentioned prejudice is not hoary anymore; it has a new face, new strength and apparatus. In the past, enmity came from outside the Church; today it also originates from within. The existing Trojan Horse (and those hostile to Christ) is so well disguised that it is unrecognizable.
Second, many Catholics have chosen to stay home on Sundays; what they see is not longer what they had before. Priests seem different and bishops are limpy at best.
Third, Fr. Barron says the worst is yet to come. Well, is painful to say it but the worst is already here. News of the Survey of Australian priests attests it.

I sincerely praise Fr. Barron for this legitimate concern; I'd like to hear what he thinks are the logistics of a good 'stand up to it' and what he thinks could be the probable results.

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