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Sunday, February 27, 2011


This is too cool.


Yes.." a growing number of Evangelical faiths are embracing..aspects of the liturgical calendar". Recently a friend ( a non-practicing Catholic ) sent me the
bulletin, actually several, from a United Church of Christ she is currently attending. I was
surprised to see each week the same lectionary readings being used there as in the Catholic
Church! This prompted me to check on a couple Protestant churches in my area and again, to my
surprise, the same readings. We must never give up hoping and praying for unity with our separated well as our fallen away brothers and sisters!


There is an uneasy sense that something got lost. REALLY? Ah well, it's a start....


The Baptists feel something got lost. Be still my heart. Do you think they will discover that they lost the Eucharist? Nah but a nice thought.


One day we will realize that as Christians, regardless of denomination, it is not a case of "us against them" but rather a case of "us against ourselves". Please God soften the hard hearts of your children.


Every time I have a yard sale or make a trip to St. Vincent de Paul, or even to the land-fill, the very next week I need something I had just got rid of.

Being Catholic suits my disposition, I think. We like to hang on to things in case we need them some day.


Horse feathers. The Church doesn't hold rummage sales; it's just that, as Archbishop Sheen observed, the average lifespan of a heresy is approximately 500 years.


What is Lent? I am Julia Roberts eating praying loving my way through Roma, eschewing actually going into a church in favor of literally eating my way through Peter's city. I did eat some wafer things, but they were on top of some spumoni. Then, with Oprah's blessing, yea -- promotion, headin' east, way east, to find the wizzdom of the pagans! Ommmmmm. Centering prayerrrrrr. Fold legs thus...ommmmm. What's this Lent thing? Oh, I know. It's the pLENTy of Catholics who went with me! Why, every parish is just buzzin' with my book club!


Just two days before I read this I had attended a conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, which was organised by some Evangelical Christians. One of the items I was given was a Newsletter from an organisation called “Pray for Scotland”. In it there is an item about another group called trypraying. This is included; “With a 40-day prayer initiative this Lent….”


Just two cents here: Not all Protestants are where the Evangelicals are regarding these things. Lutherans didn't lose Lent or Advent, or the Liturgical calendar. Or vestments, candles, or even the Real Presence (viewed differently, but not gone).


I would say that Evangelicals doesn't just mean Baptists, either. My family and I (with Baptist background) came to love liturgy and the Eucharist in a Methodist church that was very evangelical.


MAR 2/11 -

Just saw this in Chritianity Today online;

"Can you give me one good reason for why I should observe Lent?" - Bonnie McMaken

Nice little post - I think she gets it.

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