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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Leticia Velasquez

So, I was all excited, for nothing?!


And yet no mosques became cathedrals and the US did not realize any net gain in oil supply or affordability.

I am not above conspiracy theories. I luxuriate in a few of my own. But most run opposite to this one: namely, things men do in this world tend to be anti-Christ, since the evil one has been given power over this world, according to the Father's plan (1 John 5). Thus, anything done in the name of Jesus, or his vicar, or his Church, is swell but comparatively rare e.g. turning mosques into cathedrals. Oh, but that didn't happen. Other way round!

Joe McCarthy

I think things that happen in the military are...Iraq wrong and Afghanistan amoral.

Being very Irish and perhaps a bit more radical Roman Catholic, it's not all that bad that we choose to want to have the word of Christ spread, in hindsight, I accept my faith. I have read the history of my faith, Europe and the alleged Crusades that were supposed Papal, in origin.

Opus Dei and the Knights of Malta are stand up Catholics, chastise all you want. In the reality of faith, you press on, the fear of this Catholic is the widespread apostasy of the corner Christians, cheer them all you want. I am not real happy with Vatican II and do look to the New Missal to bring us all back to the Catholic faith. There is more in life than just economic success, the salvation of our souls is still primary. Sic transit Gloria


Oh yes; that great Sovereign Military Order of the Knights Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem, Rhodes and Malta under their Grandmaster, Jean Parisot de la Vallette, directing and controlling its plans for resistance to Islamic domination and saving Christian civilization, through its formidable basees at Forts St.Elmo and St. Angelo on the shores of the Grand Harbour on the Island of Malta. Oh hang on!!! That was nearly 450 years ago! But then some people take a long time to catch up?


Wait. I was told that the cabal of neocons who hijacked the White House were Jews. Now it turns out they are Catholics? I'm confused. So the Vatican's opposition to the Iraq war was just a clever pretense! It's an anti-Muslim crusade to Westernize the Middle East. That's why the Vatican supports the Palestinians. Oh wait, I'm confused again. We need some magic bullet-type Vatican document to be discovered, just like everyone is looking for regarding the abuse scandal. Oh wait, here it is in my pile of Secret Opus Dei reading material: Protocols of the Learned Elders of Catholicism.

M. Jordan Lichens

Well, there goes my post-graduate school plans. I guess I'll have to get a real job rather than join a shadowy Papist cabal.

Tony Layne

I'm disappointed: Why were the Knights of Columbus left out of the loop? Oh, well ... I suppose we'll have to content ourselves with being the political action arm of the Church in the effort to repress women and gays.


We're gonna change mosques into cathedrals.

What a nifty idea.

One of the serious drawbacks of GW's democracy-for-all ideology was a serious lack of determination or even interest in ensuring minority religious protection. Sad to say, but if the reports I have heard are to be believed, Christians in Iraq are worse off now than when Saddam was in power.

In Afghanistan there seems to be little change for Christians under the current regime than under the Taliban. Converts from Islam are still under penalty of death, for example.

It seems Cheney, et al, were remarkably unsuccessful in executing their secret Catholic agenda.


LJ- That and we're still waiting for the cheap oil too.

re: Iraqi Christians


What I find scary is that most of the commenters on the original article are criticizing Mr. Hounshell rather than Mr. Hersh. Apparently the former failed to prove that there is not an Opus Dei/Knights of Malta conspiracy, and so he is getting flak for not simply going along with Hersh's wackjob ideas.

Frank Weathers

Men in Black, er, White! White helicopters?! Yes, that's it...White Ops!

And there I was, all this time in the Marines, a mere lackey for the Church. If only I had known I could have...DONE MORE FOR HER!

Dan Deeny

Fascinating! Dr. Boettner warned us all! (That's supposed to be a joke.)

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