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Monday, January 17, 2011


Robert Miller

It might be useful for Ignatius to bring out a new critical edition of "The Peasant of the Garonne".

As a Catholic college student, I read it eagerly in the late 1960s, but I've lost the copy I had then.

Maritain's reflections on the Council and the modern (and emerging post-modern)world in that work were taken by critics at the time of its publication as being in "discontinuity" with his life's work, just as the same critics were welcoming Vatican II as being in radical discontinuity with 1,500 years or more of Catholic doctrinal development and practice. An Augustinian Thomist then, as now, can see that the critics were wrong on both counts.

David H. Lukenbill

I would second Mr. Robert Miller's comment.

"The Peasent of the Garonne", which I am currently rereading, surely calls out for a critical edition.


Re: "He succeeded because he prayed as well as he studied."

In their little book, Prayer and Intelligence, Jacques and Raissa Maritain make a similar point:

"But the intelligence itself can only develop its highest powers in so far as it is protected and fortified by the peace given by prayer. The closer a soul approaches God by love, the simpler grows the gaze of her intelligence and the clearer her vision." (5)

It is prayer that forms the heart of the person and the resulting studies are the fruit of such prayer.

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