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Monday, January 10, 2011



This is not the first time that The Bishops have failed to discriminate between appropriate and inappropriate behavior while making it appear as if they are in communion with the teaching of The Catholic Church. I am not surprised that Cardinal Wuerl was not capable of clarifying The Catholic Church's teaching regarding homosexuality and thus dadt. If The Bishops wanted to make a clear statement on Church policy regarding homosexuality, they would not have allowed the erroneous document, "Always Our Children", created and supported by a cast of dissenting characters, to be published and placed on their website. The Catholic Church recognizes that homosexuality is a disordered sexual inclination and that because it is a disordered sexual inclination, men and women who struggle with a homosexual sexual inclination may not be fully personally responsible for their disorder. This does not change the fact that The Church teaches that out of respect for the inherent Dignity of the human person, found within our complementary nature as male and female endowed to us from God, those sexual acts and sexual relationships, including all homosexual sexual acts and homosexual sexual relationships, that demean and objectify the Dignity of the human person, must never be condoned. It is out of Love and respect for the Dignity of the human person, found within our inherent complementary nature as male and female, created in The Image of God, that The Catholic Church teaches we must desire the development of healthy and Holy relationships, grounded in authentic Love.

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