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Saturday, December 11, 2010


Rob Hanchett

Of course, Cardinal Ratzinger's justification for imposing celibacy on priests is sanctimonious nonsense - both Biblically and historically. As for the "apostolic meaning" of celibacy, Jesus never imposed celibacy on his own disciples. He specifically gave every Christian the freedom to choose for themselves. We know for certain that Peter, whose office Ratzinger now occupies, was married, as were many Popes, all during the first millennium. It was only during the second millennium of the church that all priests had celibacy forced upon them by the Pope as a precondition for becoming a priest. Why? So that the church could retain all the wealth that would otherwise have gone to their families. Until the church can speak the simple truth, rather than regurgitating a lot of self-serving lies, it will continue to suffer scandal. It isn't a lack of faith that makes priests fall. It's the inherent lack of freedom and honesty within the church.

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