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Monday, December 27, 2010


Manuel G. Daugherty Razetto

Great item of far reaching repercussion. Revisiting "Jesus of Nazareth", gives us the opportunity to elucidate some of the mega questions the 4th Gospel has preoccupied exegetes for centuries.

After reading the eight's Chapter:"The principal Images of John's Gospel" one feels at ease with what the pope writes; it is worth mentioning for instance:
1.- The pope's new thesis aiming to prove that historicity of the text rests firmly on works by two auhors:Martin Hengel and Henri Cazelles.
2.- Bultmann theory that the Johannine topic derives from Gnosticism is proven wrong by Hengel.
3.- Hengel's news that John belonged to a "hellenized Jewish upper class in Jerusalem" in the "priestly aristocracy of that City", is contradicting the known version of the apostle as a simple fisherman from Galilee. Such upper class, as well, spoke the koine Greek the Gospel was written in.
4.- Such discrepancy, the pope continues, demands a new question , who is then the true author? and it is the Church historian Eusebius who
provides the answer. He does it mentioning the bishop of Hierapolis called
Papias who states : A pupil of John named Presbyter John, is the genuine writer of the Gospel based on the Apostle's teachings. We have a learned Scribe.

Do we deduce then that exegesis evolves with the time? Was, in that case Loisy right , if only on trusting History, that discoveries at times affect understanding of Scripture?

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