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Thursday, December 09, 2010



The reported results of the study do not correspond to my personal experience. I reverted to the Church some years ago but my friends are, in the main, not Catholic. Yet I have found much joy in the Catholic faith.

Fernando Umberto Garcia de Nicaragua, Prefectus Minimus: The Jacksonian Institute

The "study" is straight from hell.


This study makes sense, but does not really support atheism as the 'Brights' (=new atheists) think it does.

Sure people go to church and the find a sense of belonging there. Sure they hang with their church buddies and have fun... but people who go to church often have other groups they belong to: work, sport organization (eg soccer team, the gym), buddies with who they go out on saturday nights to get a drink.

After all I now almost nobody who hangs out only with church-buddies, nor that they need to go to church to feel a sense of beloging to a particular group.

My point is: what the article says is true, but being religious is far more than 'going to church'.

Also I go to church mainly for the Eucharist, not the chit-chat after the service...

Religion includes social behaviour... but focuses on communion with God.


This is nothing but another lame demonic trick, publicized by his minions throughout the new world order globe.

"Hey fool...I mean man...I so loathe the Trinity and especially the dread Lion of Judah that I will convince you that He's not here in the church and that you, fool, are here for no reason other than to feel comfy and social among your fellow worms. Don't look up! You might see your Savior there and ponder Him. Keep looking around you, horizontally, at your fellow worms. Talk about yourselves. Stay caught up in yourselves...even here, before that altar thing. It's actually not an altar, though. It's just a table. Your imaginations! Wow, you sound so superstitious, geez! Don't embarrass yourselves like you are cavemen or something throwing rocks at the moon. You're humanists now, doncha know?!"


No kidding. Religion does not make people wealthy or healthy, either. If you want to have fun on a Sunday, go to a ball game, not to Mass. BUT, if you want to have real joy that does not depart even when you're sick and broke and your heart is broken, even when all the superficial friends you thought you had have abandoned you -- if you want to have the joy that Job had even on the dunghill -- there's only one place to get that.

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