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Wednesday, December 15, 2010



As a Faithful Catholic I have some trouble with parts of the cardinal's replies.

Cardinal Ratzinger: In today's troubled world, where the number of children cannot be very high given living conditions and so many other factors.

Interviewer: The question remains whether you can reproach someone, say a couple who already have several children, for not having a positive attitude toward children.

Cardinal Ratzinger: No, of course not, and that shouldn't happen, either.

Is the cardinal giving the ok here to a couple having two children and virtually using NFP as contraception?

Cardinal Ratzinger: we ought to look less at the casuistry of individual cases

It’s all very well for the scholar and theologian to look at these matters from a lofty height but for the Faithful Catholic in the pew having or spacing children and what method to use is where they have to live every day.

Interviewer: But must these people nevertheless have the idea that they are living in some sort of sin if they ...[did the question break off here?]

Cardinal Ratzinger: I would say that those are questions that ought to be discussed with one's spiritual director, with one's priest, because they can't be projected into the abstract.

When Peter Seewald asked the pope "Are you saying, then, that the Catholic Church is actually not opposed in principle to the use of condoms?" instead of saying a plain yes or no we have a reply so nuanced that he seemed to be saying that “in the intention of reducing the risk of infection” it it may be ok to use condoms. Once again in the section above a direct answer is avoided. We all know that most priests will give the ok to using any sort of contraception and Cardinal Ratzinger who must know this seems ok with that.

Pope Benedict has said that he proposes but doesn't impose. This Faithful Catholic feels that she is standing on shifting sand when she would like clear direction from the Church.

Dan Deeny

I am sympathetic to Sharon's problems with Benedict XVI's very, very carefully nuanced replies. I am also interested in Sharon's statement that "We all know that most priests will give th ok to using any sort of contraception...". Is this so? I'd like some feedback on this.


Dan I was speaking of the priests of my and my friend's acquaintance in Australia who, out of either an all consuming desire to be pastoral or a disbelief in the teachings of the Church are reluctant to gainsay any activity or to acknowledge that any activity might be a sin.

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