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Monday, December 27, 2010


Daniel Fink

This post, and others like it, are why you are one of my favorite individuals, Carl. The theme of theosis, divinization or filial adoption, as presented in resources such as you have cited, ought to be mandatory study for high school theology courses, for seminarians, as well as frequently addressed in homilies.
Another excellent discussion of the inner life of the Trinity, and God's desire that we share in that life, is presented in Frank Sheed's chapters on the Trinity in "Theology and Sanity".
Since everything flows from the inner life of the Trinity, all that I believe as a Catholic flows from the theme of God willing our divinization by grace. Thus, issues like faith alone vs. faith and works don't seem difficult. If man is created to share in the life and love of the Trinity, then Christ merited our justification in order to win for us the grace to love as God loves--total pouring out of self in an exchange of love, imaging the Persons of the Trinity.

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