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Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Charles E Flynn

Yet another painful reminder that actors are so often at their best when reciting someone else's thoughts.


It seems to me that Liam Neeson explained Aslan's identity simply to give the film a wider audience appeal. If he had admited what Lewis intended then critics would have hammered him for not being tolerant of other Non-Christian cultures. Marketing, not religious knowlege is the problem.


Qui-Gon Jinn said that? Noooo!!



David K. Monroe

It's doubly depressing to hear Georgie Henley express such apparent relief that she now can think of the Narnia story in a post-Christian context. There Hollywood types are so incredibly eagar to run away from anything authentically Christian, to take wine and turn it back into water. I hope such comments don't hurt the franchise. It certainly can't help it. I can anticipate some Christians reading Neeson's remarks and saying, "Well, if they're trying to equate Aslan with Muhammad and Buddha then I'm not going to see it."

However, this reminds me of the interview with Anthony Hopkins on the Shadowlands DVD. It's obvious when viewing the interview that Hopkins understands virtually nothing about C.S. Lewis. Still a good movie though.


The Narnia film project is already as concerned with getting viewers, it seems to me, as with getting a message out. Huge billboards around town with a lion's head and NARNIA suggest to me more a franchise and a "purpose-driven" marketing campaign than concern for content. Call me cynical, but the whole process just seems to lowest common denominator-driven. Neeson's comments seem totally Hollywood, as does the Narnia film franchise. WHy do we feel compelled to have to make a movie of everything, anyway? Amusing ourselves to death much? I realize Lewis was entertaining children as well, But I wonder how much he would have been into the film process. ANd a seven-fil franchise? HArry Potter is insufferable enough! As I said, call me cynical. LOL.

Ed Peters

What a doopey-doodle. And while we're at it, I'm not convinced that LN's all that great of an actor. His voice patterns require too much attention for understanding.

Marcel LeJeune

Neeson confirms my suspicions - he doesn't know much about Christianity, Islam, or Buddhism.

I am not surprised that Neeson doesn't want to approach the truth about Aslan, because it might make him shake off his spiritual-but-not-religious Hollywood life and search for God honestly. That is really quite difficult to do in the culture he lives in.

A mentor is quite a tame little kitten.


His opinions are so common and so nauseating to hear as a Catholic but also to hear knowing he's Catholic.

Christ is never enough for people, it seems. He's never the second person of the Trinity. He's always got to be equivocated and cheapened. For this, He suffered greatly in the garden looking forward into time.

Recently a reporter asked Obama why he is Christian. Obama answered "because I like his teachings", clearly focusing on his social teachings but not the Teacher Himself. That is arianism: reducing Christ to a swell guy among several historical, global luminaries, all mortal.

He's either God or not. If the former, that's why one worships Him. That's the true Christianity. Everything else is just idol-izing an enlightened (word as used today is pablum) "man".

vincent manning

The New Zouave Movement declared the film acceptable notwithstanding the actor's ignorance and selfishness.But how can Liam take the risk of depicting Mohammed as an animal? The New Zouaves will not,however,be watching his back.

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