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Monday, December 20, 2010


bill bannon

I urge Catholic readers to also be capable of facing problems within Popes when the Popes are not accessing their charism of infallibility. Section 42 of Benedict's essay implies inter alia that God was not behind the "dooms" of the Canaanites as Scripture states He was (see entire 12th chapter of Wisdom)...and Benedict's section 42 states that the prophets denounced "every form of violence" which simply is not true since Elijah slit the throats of 450 prophets of Baal at the Jordan; Eliseus cursed boys who dishonored his state as prophet and two bears then ate 42 of the boys; and the prophet Samuel " hacked Agag in pieces before the Lord in Gilgal" because Saul did not obey God and left Agag alive. This section 42 is similar to section 40 of Evangelium Vitae by John Paul II where John Paul implies that the death penalties of the OT were not really from God but from the unrefined culture of the Jews....when in fact the Bible has God giving many death penalties in the 1st Person singular.
So the only two Popes in centuries to call the death penalty "cruel" both write their respective sections 42 VD and 40 EV proferring an evolutionary approach to violence in the Bible which contradicts the 1st Person imperative mood that the Bible actually gives regarding both the dooms and the death penalties....and I can find no Catholic writer who will notice this at least out loud. Benedict states something about the prophets denouncing every form of violence while three of them used violence ( one of whom will return prior to the 2nd Coming) and no one says a word. There is way too much flattery taking place in our system when the professional writing community never point out these problems which are related to what exactly is and is not legitimate in modern hermeneutical schools. Fr. Raymond Brown was on the PBC while John Paul II was Pope....and Brown did not believe Mary ever said the Magnificat ( Birth of the Messiah page 349 and thereabouts). If you're ok with that, then you should be ok with it being common knowledge to Catholics and I doubt that a decimal of 1% of them know that problem...and it's echoes in sections 42 VD and 40 EV.

Deacon Harold

Great overview, Carl. Well done!

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