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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Dr John James

Catherine of Siena is just amazing. When I hear people ranting about women in the Church and how they are second class citizens, I think of this extraordinary young woman, without fear, passionately in love with Our Lord, who virtually singlehandedly restored the papacy to Rome, warning an incumbent Pope in the process, that if he ignored Our Lord, his salvation was at stake!
When I was last in Rome, I prayed at her tomb, in the beautiful church, Santa Maria sopra Minerva. ( yes, she is buried in Rome, not Sienna )
I have a daughter Catherine,a journalist, currently working in Afghanistan, whom I asked this great Saint to lead to heaven.

Viviana Castelli

She is PARTLY buried in Rome. The head was brought back to Siena by her confessor, the Blessed Raymund of Capua.
All the rest of your post is completely true, dear Doctor. My best wishes to your daughter.

Viviana (from Siena, though not from Caterina's native ward )

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