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Friday, November 19, 2010


Todd Newbold

I get confused by people who say ""Why cant we see God?" i.e. Doubting Thomas
Well he is right in front of your eyes.
I am no scholar, but ever since the Reformation - Mystery is difficult for a lot of people and proof proof proof is always their answer. Again, how arrogant.


We cannot see Christ in the Eucharist... St. Thomas teaches this very clearly: ST III, q.76, a.7. Likewise the Catechism in 1380/1.
Doubting Thomas had great faith...he saw a man, but believed more than what he saw, for he professed Christ to be God, "My Lord and my God."
Likewise in the Eucharist, we see what appears to be bread and wine, but we believe more than what we see, we believe it to be the Flesh and Blood of Christ.

Thus, in believing in the Eucharist, we make a twofold act of faith: We believe that what looks like bread and wine is the Flesh and the Blood of Christ. Then, we believe that he who appears to be merely a man is in fact also fully God.

Miss Victoria A. Howard, Anchoress

Yes, I do agree with your wonderful point that when the Body of Christ enters the Host, we are lifted, he does not descend. But I feel that we do not become God entirely; I feel that it is only when we do not sin that we can show our true personalities and distinctiveness as individuals. It is when we sin that we take on Satan's personality, rather than our own, and become all the same. We are revealed as the kings and priests we are when we choose the good. Each of us has a distinct and unique personality and something special to bring as an offering to the Lord.

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