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Monday, November 22, 2010


David L. Anderson

Dear Father Fassio,

I do believe St. Augustine was correct when he quoted Proverbs in his Confessions: "A wise man is grateful for a remonstrance." I feel you did not take full advantage of your opportunity on "All Things Considered" yesterday to explain Pope Benedict's stand on condom use. To speak plainly, I feel that you condescended to the host in a semi-annoyed fashion and did not represent the Pope as well as you could have. For many of us, this is about as good a media platform as one in an important position could ask for. I, a liberal Democrat, was amazed at how sarcastic and annoyed Rep. Pelosi was on this very same news program several months ago, confirming what many had said about her. She lost me that day.

Father Fessio, you can do a world of good by being as cordial as possible in such media opportunities. I have had professors with the ability to recast the dumbest of questions or comments and, in the process, enlighten as many in a classroom as possible.

Many of us are searching for answers and are frankly looking for a truly vital and life-giving orthodoxy. We love liturgy, tradition, reverence, and content and are genuinely curious about Roman Catholicism despite our questions and reservations. Please think of us when you have the opportunity to speak for the Church.

Wishing you the most blessed of Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany seasons, I am

David Anderson

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