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Sunday, November 21, 2010


Mary T

Sigh. Another soundbite escapes the context of a lifetime of the Pope's teaching (and 2,000 years of the Church's on sexual morality), and is already being radically misunderstood.

"It is madness to forbid a high-risk population to use condoms" is just a crazy question. The Catholic Church forbids extramarital sex and homosexual sex, but certain people are doing it anyway, so why in heaven's name would they refuse to use condoms JUST BECAUSE THE CHURCH SAID SO? It is utterly ludicrous to blame the Church or the Pope! (Not even to mention that NON-Catholics don't care anyway! SO the Church is "killing" everyone Protestant, Muslim, or atheist who dies of AIDS???)

Second, the escaped soundbite made it very clear that when no new life is possible - in the case of male, homosexual prostitutes - if a man thinks to himself, "I should wear a condom," it means that his MORAL SENSE is beginning to awake. It is the first step toward distancing himself, asking questions - which should, it is to be hoped, lead to FURTHER moral thought, ending with, "I shouldn't be doing this at all."

But of course the mainstream media has latched onto it instead as a "first step" toward allowing condoms for EVERYONE!

Stephen Sparrow

Benedict is right. The issue revolves around vulnerable people being confirmed in their vulnerability or low status. Instead of applying the dictum from Matt 25 to feed the hungry, clothe the naked etc etc we sideline the problem "here, you poor things, use a condom that will solve everything, & don't bother us again."


Well said Mary T. Precisely the point.

Fernando Umberto Garcia de Nicaragua, Prefectus Minimus: The Jacksonian Institute

Exactly how is one's moral sense beginning to awaken when, immediately after this supposed awakening, he proceeds to commit sodomy - one of the sins that cries out to heaven for vengeance? Does a killer have a moral awakening if, having decided to torture his victim to death, he changes his mind and decides to kill him painlessly by forcing him to take cyanide? A male prostitute is a killer of souls, both of his own and of his client's. A moral awakening would require that he didn't commit such a horrid act at all, condom or not.


They're already claiming papal blessing for mass condom distributions.

There needs to be a strongly worded Vatican statement that clarifies:

1. Sodomy is gravely wrong, without or without a condom. Sodomy with a condom may arguably be less depraved than sodomy with a condom but it is still depraved. One might hope, however, that by seeking to engage in less depraved sexual acts the male prostitute is taking a step toward turning entirely away from sodomy.

2. The Church does not support the distribution of condoms for any purpose. Any such distribution would likely facilitate disordered sexual acts such as contracepted heterosexual sex and sodomy.


the pope is not saying that condom use is good among those who have the cappacity to produce life. male on male (homosexuality) does not have that capacity.So if those who engage in these acts use a condom they are at least looking toward the consequence of there actions and this might lead them to a deeper truth about the nature of life,since they do not have the capacity to produce life in a homosexual way, there is no direct sin against life,you can not prohibit life when there is no action to produce it

Stephen Cianca

Unbelievable! (Well, maybe not.) Out of the entire book, the only thing the media notice is something about condoms! Invincible ignorance indeed.


there is a great problem we have now, the pope speaks and it is disected. and everyone takes out the inners that they like. we live in a time were we have the capacity to responde immediatley. tech is beggining to define us ,,,,,we have become a people of busy bodies,gossipers,butinskys,and know it alls.

Charles E Flynn


You might enjoy the quotation you can find by searching for the word "angelic" in the search box on this site (upper left corner). The hit you want is from June 12, 2007. Search on that page for "angelic".


Are you saying, then, that the Catholic Church is actually not opposed in principle to the use of condoms?

The Catholic rules don't apply to non-catholics. and an unrepentant prostitute can't be a real Catholic can he/she? If they're going to go ahead and be a prostitute anyway then why not use condoms..

Heavenly Father have mercy, open our eyes.

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