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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Fernando Umberto Garcia de Nicaragua, Prefectus Minimus: The Jacksonian Institute

An analysis by another priest:

"I simply cannot make the link that Pope Benedict appears to make between condom use in this instance and a first step in the direction of a moralization, a first assumption of responsibility, on the way toward recovering an awareness that not everything is allowed and that one cannot doe whatever one wants. Those involved continue to do that which is not allowed and whatever they want. The use of the condom can hardly be considered a virtuous act, thinking of the partner rather than of oneself. The male prostitute will be thinking primarily of his own health. It will therefore be selfishly motivated. The homosexual act remains intrinsically evil, although the evil effects are possibly mitigated....Holy Father, since you allow me the freedom to do so, I respectfully disagree. I cannot see how the introduction of a condom into sodomic relations is in any way a first step in a movement toward a more human way of living sexuality. Such relations are absolutely not a human way of living sexuality. All condom use does is aim to prevent one of the evil consequences of such relations. The Catholic blogs and orthodox media will try to defend Pope Benedict's comments. But I think we now have a major problem on our hands."


I a laymen of the Catholic Church, understand the Pope's comments on the use of condoms in situations of the male prostitute who is infected by HIV. For one, a gay man, wearing a condom is not contraceptive...It would be considered a medical device (Such as someone with SARS wearing a filtered breathing mask). You can not control people's actions, you can only charitably teach them right and wrong. Hopefully that person will act in God's Will, and refrain from a destructive sexual behavior, but if they don't, the second step would be for them to show some sign of morality, and use some tool to prevent HIV infection in another person. Even if that tool is not %100 effective. I'm a conservative Catholic that wants everything done by the book... However I'm not that foolish to think that everyone is going to follow the Good Book by the every measure. People are going to attack our Pope on whatever he says, hopefully Catholics will pray on this issue instead of jumping the gun....We already have enough division as it is.

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