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Monday, November 08, 2010



Erica Jong is nuts, as are all the radical feminists. While I don't go in for the "attachment parenting" philosophy, I would not call it a "prison for women". I love being a mother -- I have five kids from 6 months to 9 years -- and I just cannot understand these feminist rants against embracing motherhood. I can't wait for the whole self-centered mob of them to go away. I ache for her daughter....what must it have been like for her to live with a nanny while her mother traveled the world and could not relate at all to her "unnecessary" offspring? What a senseless tragedy!


I was SO disillusioned that the WSJ would print her (and her daughter's) drivel. She has not changed ONE bit. And for her daughter to claim she was the best mother ever - because she did what she *had* to -- and now she (daughter) can stay home and raise her could have her mama Jong. Her books were on my mother's book shelves - sadly, and they triggered in me hair raising dilemmas on motherhood/womanhood. I always knew in my heart she was writing heresy - even in my teens. My mother got totally mixed up with this kind of pushy thinking/writing of those days. (The WSJ is not what it used to be...) I have always been of the attached parenting thought -- though MANY of the women I have met (especially online) are extremely liberal - so there is some sort of disconnect that I have never been able (or willing) to figure out.


What's really driving Erica Jong nuts is that her rad feminist belief system is completely irrelevant and that no one under the age of 45 (I'm soon to be 47) even knows who she is...I fell for the rad feminist thing for awhile and soon realized the completely ridiculous and unrealistic demands of that belief system were worse than the so-called paternalistic society they were rebelling against. Feminism has nothing to do with real's a pseudo intellectual creation of unhappy, middle class white women.

Christine Valentine-Owsik

I was turned off by Erica Jong and her weird perspectives -- via her trendy novels and "edgy" non-fiction that our whole ad-agency office seemed to be reading -- twenty years ago! It's no surprise that she admits to all this wacko thinking; her writing then was the first great "clue" to her takes-a-dysfunctional-village mentality.
Great dice-up of her WSJ piece, Carl. Women all over the world have been hoodwinked by the "utopia" of feminism, only to find themselves unhappy, unhealthy and truly unholy. Glad some of us "came-to" before we ruined the remainder of our lives. Motherhood is a gift. No job or public persona is worth trading it for!!!


Great critique of Jong's op-ed, Carl. I found her most ridiculous statement to be her swipe at conservative women who "never acknowledge that there are any difficulties.... Nor do they acknowledge any helpers as they thrust their babies into the arms of siblings or daddies." After all, if they groused about it, it would prove Jong's point about motherhood, wouldn't it?

Jong appears to believe that she and her peers "liberated" women - that women couldn't go to college, pursue their goals, or express themselves before they stepped in. Of course, women had been doing just that before she was born - it's just that they often raised children before, during or after doing so. Her beliefs about motherhood remind me of certain young writers who can't imagine being able to write without technology; scratching things out on paper BY HAND seems an archaic time-waster. Jong can't imagine motherhood without handing the newborn off to a "baby nurse" (I can't quite understand what Jong's daughter means by that - a wet nurse?) and later hiring a nanny as a surrogate mother.

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