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Friday, October 29, 2010


John Herreid

Thanks--the author, David C. Downing, was also key in assisting with the design of the cover.

Also thanks to Thomas Dudro, who posed holding a mop and was transformed by the power of Photoshop into a king with a spear.


Will Light of the World be available as an E Book?

Thomas S

Wow! Another book-length interview with Peter Seewald and the Holy Father! Completely unexpected and utterly delightful to hear.

John Herreid

Sharon: Light of the World will be available as an E-Book and an audio download.


Do you not have a better photograph of the Pope for the cover of "Light of the World"?

I would change it.

Eric Giunta

I would change the title. Do you have any idea what your average Protestant will think, seeing a photograph of the Pope, with the title "Light of the World" next to it?

We know the title refers to Christ, and only by extension to the Church, and again only by extension to the Church's supreme visible pastor, but still I think the juxtaposition is a bit imprudent. Ignatius Press should have known better.

Eric Giunta

And the way the text is positioned, it looks like: "Benedict XVI: Light of the World" I can hear the Fundies now:

"We knew it! The Pope sets himself up as the Anti-Christ! He calls himself The Light of the World!"


According to Amazon, volume 2 of Jesus of Nazareth will be 315 pages long, can you confirm this or is this just a rough estimate?

Mark Brumley

Eric, sometimes you cause me to lose patience with you. You write, "Ignatius Press should have known better." Your statement presupposes that the English language title is something Ignatius Press has freedom to determine. But we don't.

Eric Giunta


Works often carry different titles in different languages. I had no idea whether Ignatius had any say in the English title.

That having been said, what about the photograph? Do you understand the validity of my concern about how such a book, released in a Protestant country, will be judged by its cover?

Mark Brumley

Not really. I understand that there are hyper-anti-Catholic fundamentalist Protestants who may react as you describe. I doubt many, if any, reasonable Protestants will think from the cover that the intention is to describe the pope himself as the light of the world. And there is little to be done with the hyper-anti-Catholic fundamentalist Protestants. They're looking to be offended and I doubt a diffent cover would matter.


there is little to be done with the hyper-anti-Catholic fundamentalist Protestants. They're looking to be offended and I doubt a diffent cover would matter.

Well said Mark.

And then you get your "more Catholic than the pope Catholics" who will endeavour to find something to criticise in any Catholic publication.


When used in the image of salt and light (Mt 5:13-16), Jesus says *you* are the light of the world; and one must assume not just collectively because we're admonished to expose that light so that the Father can receive praise for our actions, which do not properly exist collectively, but individually.

So what am I missing here? It's a legitimate use, for the pope or any of the faithful that follow the injunction above. Yes, Jesus used it for himself, but he also used it for us; it's ours.

Mark Brumley

Good point, DN.

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