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Thursday, October 07, 2010


Manuel G. Daugherty Razetto

Fr. Schall gives us a piercing study of BXVI's addresses given throughout the historical visit to Great Britain and how much more is there to consider from its legacy.

How fortunate we are to live during the reign of an enormously gifted man which during his relatively short tenure has shown how highly distinguishes himself from others.

Ten centuries ago, Gregory (VII) the Great renewed/reformed the Papacy by correcting Simony, securing celibacy among the priesthood and empowering the Holy See (Dictatus Papae). Moreover the sense of papal responsibility is palpable in his words to William the Conqueror:"If then, on that day of terrible judgement it is I who must represent you before the just judge whom no lies deceive and who is the creator of all creatures, your wisdom will itself watch over your salvation, and how you, in turn, because of your salvation and that you may come to the land of the living, must and ought to obey me without delay." History of the Church II (1935) 224-8 by Philip Hughes.

We may compare the zeal with which Pope Ratzinger addresses the following, in the words of Fr. Schall:
But my final words to be cited from the trip are those of Benedict to the Anglican Primate:
"Fidelity to the word of God, precisely because it is true word, demands of us an obedience which leads us together to a deeper understanding of the Lord's will. An obedience which must be free of intellectual conformism or facile accommodation to the spirit of the age. This is the word of encouragement which I wish to leave with you this evening, and I do so in fidelity to my ministry as the Bishop of Rome and the Successor of St. Peter, charged with a particular care of the unity of Christ's flock."

Thus, Benedict XVI surmounts boundaries of customary polity to exercise his duty -directly from the divine fiat 'Tu es Petrus'- in a rare encounter and challenge with History.

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