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Monday, October 25, 2010


Clare Krishan

'Tis a pity that the Legionary founder elected to corral his consecrated women without the traditional canonical autonomy afforded to religious women. Then they might have sent proxy petitions to poll Integra's Board on their financial practices, or at least balanced the household budget and noticed that Papa was cheating on Mama. If I may be so bold, it would appear to me that the conundrum the Vatican faces with lack of charism is that of illegitimacy as with natural children born out of wedlock.

Would it not be more prudent to consider adoption rather than encouraging Maciel's 'bastard' ministries to continue under such a recalcitrant procurator-solicitor? What services is he soliciting? What favors is he procuring? What aberrant genealogy must the 'new-evangelism' line inherit? The Salic zeal of old Europe's monarchies ended up with mentally and physically incapacitated Hapsburgs ruling the roost to the disdain of the lesser nobility. Political unrest soon followed with Europe suffering fratricidal discord for centuries (some scholars of history would even define the North American Indian wars as part of a World War that lacks a cardinal number). All the consultors should read Venerable Rosmini's The Constitution under Social Justice and reflect on the equity at stake here. He advised Pio Nono during the collapse of the Hapsburg empire that led to the founding of modern Italy based on the 'anglo-saxon' model he so admired in the US and NOT the French Jacobinism we have sadly backslided into! That's the cultural lesson the new Cardinal needs to take to heart - subsidiarity from the domestic church upwards... JMJ pray for us!

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