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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Todd Newbold

I love this article. Grammer has been my weak point since I was little. You guys are blessed that writing comes so naturally for you. I think I will go buy my first C.S. Lewis book.


I was thinking about CS Lewis just a couple of hours ago, regarding his commentary on the meaning of words, and how we should use words as they were meant. His example was how the word "Christian" had come to mean a good person, rather than a follower of Christ (and I am going from memory on this!). This really takes power away from the word, and leads to confusion.

I think if you want to improve your own writing you can't go wrong by reading CS Lewis!

Todd Newbold

Your right JP. I could/would love to talk about this subject, but here/now is not the place. Look at Americas morals/ethics/civility there is a philosophy/theology losing water and is being filled by Agnosticism. By the way instead of C.S. Lewis, yesterday I bought "The King" Inklings/Downing.

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