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Sunday, September 05, 2010



I remember speaking to my own father about ten years ago and pointing out that we no longer lived in a Christian country.

He just could not accept that, having grown up in the Great Depression and serving in WWII. As a Protestant he had grown up in a society of respectability and moral support structures. Society in general supported his faith.

Yesterday, (in a parish other than my own) the priest said something remarkable, at least that I haven't heard from the pulpit.

Drawing upon Jesus' words from the Gospel reading in Luke 14 he put a positive spin on it. Essentially he said that we have one less thing to worry about. It is no longer an issue of fitting in with society, because today, if we are actually living our faith, we are definitely not going to fit in.

He stressed the context of materialism and the pursuit of wealth, but I think he could have added hedonism and narcissism, as two more dominant philosophies in our time.

But he also made a great point that in these kinds of times, when our faith is out of step with society so radically, that our faith is strengthened, because it must be.

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