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Monday, September 13, 2010



And let us not forget the ubiquitous word used upon this Pope's election: transitional. No, not traditional but "this election is that of a transitional papacy". MSM trying to assure everyone that he won't be in long- then we'll get a real reformer who'll make the Church all relevant and modern.

Ed Peters

When ideologues take over an instituion such as a major news organ (like the BBC) or academe (like Catholic univeristies in the 1970s), they exploit the reputation of the institution for trustworthieness without regard for the future credibility of the institution. The BBC will never be trusted again in our lifetimes.

Gregory Williams

Carl, I missed it if you mentioned that the writer should include a prediction about the imminent demise of Christianity. They seem to like to mention that, too.

Carl E. Olson

Gregory: Yes, good point. I think the last paragraph of the piece implies the demise of the Catholic Church. Surprised it wasn't more blatant. Of course, it's hard to push it very far considering the Catholic Church continues to grow!

Todd Newbold

BBC - Better Bash Catholics

Will Peaden

You also forgot to mention that he was the son a police-man and that he is German. Both of these can just hang as well. After-all being the son a police-man shows he is totalitarian and power-mad, and being German is well... GERMAN!!!!!!

Jeff Pustka

How about a statement like, "As head of CDF, he was commonly referred to as "God's Rottweiler." That has been toned down since his election, but it still pops up every now and then when nothing else will do.

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