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Thursday, September 02, 2010


Joseph Smidt

I can't find the comment thing on your Hawking post but I wanted to say I enjoyed it.


I listened to Fr Richards on EWTN via computer this morning and, as usual, his unashamed love for God, the Church and his priesthood energised me. I can imagine his appeal for men's conferences - a man talking to men and not apologising for not being a woman. Fr Richards spoke well about the complimentary but different natures of men an women saying that in today's society men have become more feminine and women more masculine and we need to reaffirm men as the protectors and providers, willing "to take a bullet to stop the attacker getting to the wife and children". He made the point that the attacker today is the culture and men have to defend the family from the poison of the culture." I am going to purchase his book for my son.

There would be no vocation crisis if parish priests were in the Fr Larry Richards manly model - more concerned with telling the truth to save souls than coreographing the liturgical dancing and and practising homily jokes.

The programme will be available on EWTN Facebook soon.

p.s. His DVDs are terrific

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