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Monday, September 27, 2010


Mark Brumley

What a great soul! I regret not having seen him in a few years. We'll pray for the repose of his soul. A spiritual man, a well-read man, a delightful man. May he rest in peace.

Ed Peters



What a special servant of God. We have gained knowledge from his wisdom,shared his love for truth and his deep love for the Lord.May God grant eternal rest to Fr Thomas Dubay.


I only know Fr Dubay from EWTN and his books but I am crying as I write this; I will miss him. I am sure that he will either be in heaven or in the waiting room for a last brush and polish. Eternal rest grant unto him and may perpetual light shine on him, may he rest in peace.

Another living treasure of the Church, Fr Bob Levis, is also unwell and in a nursing home.

Faithful priests are such a good example for the Faithful.


Rest in peace, Fr Dubay. I know this priest only through a few of his books, but I have noticed very, very few contemporary spiritual voices saying some of the courageously faithful things I found him saying. There are many more people who talk about mysticism and prayer than there are who really integrate with that a teaching on serious conversion and asceticism, the necessary human preparations in the spiritual life. I am a Secular Carmelite novice and have noticed certain of Fr Dubay's books are not universally liked, because they are challenging. The uncomfortable truth is that he's often conveying what our own Carmelite Saints (Doctors of the Church) teach and certainly not exaggerating.


I just want to add to the list of people who will miss Father Dubay's teaching very much. I watched him on EWTN and I have quite a few CDs of his lessons.I listened to him for so many hours for so many years that I feel as if he were part of my family. What a holy and wholly delightful man! Rest in Peace Father Dubay.

Rich Leonardi

Requiestcat in pace. When New Age gurus were corrupting wayward and confused Catholics, Fr. Dubay promoted a healthy, fulfilling, and authentic spirituality. This gentle man shall be missed.


I feel like I've lost a friend, mentor, and pastor, although I only knew Fr. Dubay from EWTN telecasts and his books. What a brilliant, savvy, witty, thinker and how eloquently he shared his knowledge with us! This is a huge loss for us in the world, but now we have another friend in Heaven. Charlotte

Greg Hessel

Fr Dubay's book Fire Within is one of the great masterpieces in the history of the Church.


Thank you Father for your Blessed and Inspired Holy insights into God's Divine Love! Praise be to God that so much of your ministry was recorded in print and on video, so that it may continue to instruct others as it so helpfully did me.

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary give your soul comfort and please intercede for us here on Earth.


Fr Thomas Dubay was an extraordinary man. I have read and reread many of his books with delight and awe at his wisdom and insight. Such was his impact upon this soul from Australia.

Requiescat in pace



A must read: And You Are Christ's: The Charism of Virginity and the Celibate Life

Kevin J Jones

May he rest in peace.

May I ask who at the Little Sisters of the Poor sent out this information? I'm having trouble confirming its source.


I took a three week class on contemplative prayer from Fr. Dubay one summer at Franciscan University. Our textbook was his book "Fire Within." He completely opened my eyes to new possibilities of prayer and totally rocked my world. I have never been the same since. He was a great teacher, scholar and pastoral soul. He shall be missed!

Bob Ricci

I came to know and love Fr Dubay thru his many books and his tv shows on EWTN. He was truly a Catholic author who had a deep impact on my life through his many words of wisdom. I feel a great emptiness at the news of his passing, but I know he will be a great intercessor for us with Our Lord. He is in my prayers. Goodbye , for now Fr Dubay, we will miss you sorely. Bob R


What a great soul....

john loh

I listen from the internet in Malaysia,Fr.Thomas Dubay is trully a holy person
& somebody who can present the faith very well ,pray the Lord will raise others
who are worthy to take the place of this great teacher.God be with him.


May Jesus now embrace your faithful soul! You are truly a beautiful vessel of God's handiwork. I desire to learn more about advancing in the spiritual life and your teachings are at the top of my list. I am truly sad at hearing of your loss, but also glad for you, because I know that being with God was your journey's end. Mother Mary, please pray to Jesus for all the necessary graces Fr. Dubay needs to immediately enter the kingdom prepared for God's elect. Gone, but not forgotten...

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