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Friday, September 24, 2010


Manuel G. Daugherty Razetto

Very significant as a reflection of Archbishop Chaput's inner beliefs is how his address was formed. Step by step in the course of his dissertation we detect a twofold intent; the first to please a favourably disposed audience, the second to state his personal ideological opinion.

Inasmuch as I dread being cynical about a generally respected man, one has to say his phrases sound empty, counterfeit and deceiving..

1) "A Free Press is part of the American Identity". I say the Media is clearly controlled by Secularism, Relativism and deceit.
2) "I value what journalists do for the same reason I value the importance of religious Faith in American's life". Say what ?
3)" A responsible Press and a Faith shaped by the God of Charity and Justice share two things in common: a concern for human dignity, and an interest in truth". A responsible Press? The Most Reverend archbishop lives in a dream world.

No wonder he later declares : "my own thinking as a young priest was heavily influenced by groups on the religious left like Pax Christi"...

Somehow this reminds me the words of the ex-judge in that jewel of a movie ' Separate Tables': "The problem of being in the right is that sometimes you find yourself in the company of questionable allies"'.

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