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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Rev. Paul T. McCain

The link to is not working, at least, I have tried four times to load it, and it does not load. Is there another address?

Carl E. Olson

Hello, Father McCain. The link is working fine now. But here is another link to cut and paste:

Kristen J

Our Ladies' Bible Study here in Fresno had been hoping for something just like this, as we really miss the study questions. Thanks! :) (P.S. Will study questions be included in the comprehensive OT volumes, whenever they are published?)


THANKS Ignatius Press for making the study questions freely downloadable!! I am a Bible study leader and I have tried to get an ICSB NT for each member of my study. This really helps us.

The ICSB New Testament is a geat study Bible. And the study guide questions are quite helpful for leading our discussions and pressing us to look more closely at the text and the notes, essays and word studies, and at our own lives in light of the word of God.

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