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Tuesday, August 17, 2010



I'm with you Carl. However, Anne seems to me like someone dissing an ex. She's clearly hurt, perhaps for trying so hard to answer that longing for God and His Church, but failing to allow her mind to be renewed, as many of us do.

I have hopes that she'll one day come back to the Church, even if only in her last minutes on this earth.

May St. Augustine pray for us.


About an hour ago she commented on a link posted titled "Original Sin Vs Original Blessing" with the following

"Interesting. Thank you. In my heart of hearts i cannot believe in original sin. Simply have never been able to internalize or ratify a belief in it"


Christians have lost credibility in America as people who know how to love. They have become associated with hatred, persecution, attempting to abolish the separation of church and state, and trying to pressure people to vote certain ways in elections.

I wonder what her definition of "people who know how to love" is? One Catholic definition would be - someone who knows how to love is someone that does not want you to experience Hell but instead points out your sin that you may turn back to God and be with Him in Heaven when you die. Is not true love caring about what happens to your eternal soul when you die? That is all that matters in the end.

As far as "separation of Church and State", the way that phrase is used today is exactly the opposite of what the founding fathers meant. They meant that there should not be one religion that is enforced by the State; that people be free to follow their own religion without the State butting in and telling them what to do. See HERE for a real explanation.

And is Rice saying that the secular don't try to pressure people how to vote in elections? Really? Does she not watch TV at all? Does she not see the ads, and the rallies, and experience the door knockers all attempting to sway your way of thinking to theirs for your vote? What planet is she living on?

Marquis Crocker

Rice wants celebrity. This whole incident is for free publicity. Quit mentioning her and she will fade away and write another vampire book.

Teo Matteo

I think she's read too many vampire books...

Gregory Williams

I find it understandable that Rice has that view of Christians given that is the predominant way Christians are portrayed in today's media and pop culture.


For pity's sake. Why are you paying attention to this poor woman?

Carl E. Olson

Why are you paying attention to this poor woman?

1. She is a famous author who has garnered much attention for reverting to Catholicism.
2. She is now getting attention (quite a bit from the MSM) for leaving the Church.
3. Her "reasons" for leaving Christianity are of interest to many people; they sum up, in some ways, the "reasons" people have for rejecting or even hating the Catholic Church.
4. Her "reasons" are ill-considered, lack merit, and are quite illogical, so require a response.
5. It's fun.


Personally I am not at all surprised by her leaving. I never read her books about Christ except in excerpts and that was enough to let me know that she had a long road to travel. Apparently she still does. She needs prayers and I will happily give them for her.

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