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Saturday, August 14, 2010


Robert Miller

It probably would be useful if the US bishops were to condemn the "Land O' Lakes Statement". It propositionally contradicts Ex Corde Ecclesiae. Also a new, and updated, Anti-Modernist Oath ought to be required of every Catholic university professor and applicant for graduation. That would clear the decks pretty quickly.

I cannot understand why it takes the Church so long to fix Vatican 2-era messes (liturgy, theology, institutions, etc.) that were generated by top-down, slam-bang decrees, declarations and statements overnight during the 1960s. It's mystifying. A few forthright decrees will rally the faithful and leave the old Boomers and McBriens behind dead (as they already are), to bury their dead.

What does anything that had to with the spirit of the 1960s have anything to offer people today?


Fr. McBrien can rest easy. Our bishops have overwhelmingly decided that the mandatum called for by
'Ex Corde Ecclesiae' is a purely private matter between the bishop and the theologian, and information
regarding who/how many on a particular faculty even bothered to apply for the mandatum is not made
public. If one is shopping for a Catholic university, it is generally impossible to find out if the theology
department is "mandatum-compliant".

I recall an article in the National Catholic Register years ago on this situation. The reporter interviewed
a priest-theologian on the faculty of the Jesuit University of San Francisco. The priest scoffed at the
idea of the mandatum--on the record--and stated that he thought it was "a joke" and said that he knew
of no one in the department who had bothered to obtain it. In the subsequent issue of the paper, the same
priest wrote in to retract his statement that the mandatum was a joke, but his letter never mentioned if he'd
since bothered to obtain one. The impatience, incredulity and open derision with which this theologian-priest
regarded the clear wishes of Rome was most telling.

Clearly, regarding the full implementation of 'Ex Corde Ecclesiae' our bishops have decided to adopt a "don't
ask, don't tell" policy--don't ask theologians to obtain a mandatum, don't tell the faithful that the requirement
is being ignored. Until this dereliction of duty on the part of the bishops is reversed, I see no reason to believe
that they take the idea of a Catholic university at all seriously.

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