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Sunday, July 18, 2010



I have read only of Dowd's dissent from every area where the Church now confronts modernity. She may have been raised Catholic, but her attitudes seem far more 'Sex in the City' than "The Flying Nun." It is not the Church that is in danger of being left behind by members, but members who are choosing to leave. A crucial distinction. I think of someone who wants to wife-swap commanding their partner, "Either indulge me or that marriage is over!" Who is the one causing the problems there, the Bohemian or the 'prude'?

Alice B.

I work at a newspaper. The top two editors make sure the reporters are aware that anti-Catholicism is accepted and encouraged. Not in a direct way, but in a subtle way jokes and comments are put out there. Actually I have been horrified by some of the anti-Catholic comments I have heard from these supposedly open-minded educated men. Racist comments would certainly not be tolerated in the newsroom. Both were raised in a particular mainstream Protestant church and that local denomination gets LOTS of positive news print, usually front page. These editors are liberal, pro-gay marriage, etc. I am guessing this scenario plays out in many, many newspapers in the country. I would like to put out there that the local Catholic churches need to get their voices out there, letters to the editor, etc. These bigoted news editors are helped all the more by all the anti-Catholic AP stories on the wire that they get to use. AP news stories leave out a lot of the truth and put a lot of bad information out there. It is a real problem. Interestingly, few Catholics speak up in our community. I suppose they are afraid of being bashed.

Robert Miller

You are absolutely correct, Carl.

I think I might go farther: I think the Holy Father deliberately juxtaposed the sexual abuse and women's "ordination" delicta in order to offer a sign of contradiction to the contemporary world's brazen anti-Catholic self-righteousness. Indeed, I see this contradiction as a "strategy" of the Ratzinger CDF and Pontificate: the Regensburg Lecture; the pronouncement on the same day of Venerable honors for John Paul II and Pius XII (whom he eulogized as "Pastor Angelicus" and Pope of our youth"); (and I can't believe he didn't have a big hand in) the beatification of John XXIII and Pius IX by John Paul II on the same day.

The message of this latest initiative is that Church is taking the highest juridical cognizance of the filth that has arisen within the Church in connection with the sexual revolution. And the filth outside the Church can't stand it.

Carl E. Olson

Robert: There may well be something to that; the pronouncement for JPII and Pius XII really stands out to me. At the very least, Benedict XVI hasn't fallen into the trap of second-guessing based on fear of media backlash. He knows the bashing comes with the territory, no matter what he does or how he does it.


While the circumstances are different in many ways, our present day situation bears some resemblance to the time of the Protestant Reformation. If we were to go back to that time, or just before it, and ask what three things, amongst many that we would do differently, it seems to me that we might say "catechesis, catechesis, catechesis."

Catechesis for the laity, so they would not be swayed by popular movements and trends, and would know the truth of Catholic teaching so they would repudiate those who were abusing the doctrine of indulgences, for example.

Catechesis for the priests, so that they would not be swayed by the same trends and would be able to bind the laity toegether in orthodox and licit participation in the sacraments.

Catechesis for the bishops so they would be forced to deal with their spiritual responsibilities to their flock and place politics and personal advancement out of their calculations.

The Holy Spirit would be the one to convert their hearts, but the teaching of the truth of the Word at all levels would have acted as the thorn in the side of those who would use the Church and the faithful as their own playground. And the heresies that resulted would surely have had a much poorer soil in which to grow.

To the extent that there are American Catholics leaving in droves today, we can truly say there is a great deficit of catechesis once more. At the time of their lives when they should have been told the truth they were fed pablum and now they think they have been betrayed because they are now hearing the truth from the Pope himself and are so far down the road of heresy that they believe they cannot reverse course.

I believe there are many American Catholics who are shocked by the apparent association of the sin of child abuse with the sin of attempted ordination of women. They should be. They need to be shocked. As you point out Carl, this doesn't mitigate the seriousness of child abuse but rather demonstrates the seriousness of attempted ordination of women.

Perhaps the greatest difference in our time is the fact that the Pope himself as well as many in the hierarchy, perhaps most, are on side with orthodoxy and steadfast in the truth, unfraid of speaking the truth in season and out of season. If this media backlash indicates anything it is that the truth is out of season in mainstream American.

JPII did an end-run around the boomers and went straight to the next generation. We as laity need to keep up with our efforts to do an end-run around the mainstream media. This blog is just one example of that. Keep up the good work Carl.


I, on the other hand, find humor on what the Holy See did. Did they drive the mysandric feminists crazy with this double-whammy? Yes they did, and that counts for a laugh or two.


Margaret Yo

Maureen Dowd: "If men prove that all-male hierarchies can get shamefully warped, why can’t they embrace the normality of equality? "

It is incorrect to assume that the ordination of women to the priesthood would necessarily un-warp anything. Women are equally good and equally sinful as men. Normality is the sinful state.

As I see it, women of feminist belief, for whom feminism is quasi-religion, who accept abortion as an acceptable method of birth control are as immoral and sinful as any sexually abusive priest. The murder of unborn children, the most vulnerable of the vulnerable, is not a moral position and should not be subordinated to women's right to choose. I would fear for these children in the advent of the ordination of women.


Your article and all of the commenters understand what is really at stake here - our eternal souls. To give in to the media or a Protestant view of theology can only happen when one "doesn't get it" - that Christ really did give Peter the keys to the kingdom. Non-Catholics and ex-Catholics and belligerently dissident "Catholics" don't understand the complete truth, yet - when they do, they will be Catholic. Isn't that why we are praying for unity?

Stephen Cianca

Maureen Dowd is a pompous ignorant fool, steeped in the vapid certainties of the left. She merits no consideration. Big Media has become a tool of the devil, which we must fight tooth and nail. Carl, I appreciate your efforts to rebut the diabolical nonsense regurgitated by Big Media, but we are not about to disabuse Big Media journalists of their pernicious mendacity. Our job is not to convince them--they too adamantly cling to their prejudices. Rather, our job is to defeat them. The Church should stop trying to appear reasonable to Big Media, for Big Media hates the Church and everything it stands for. The Church should boldly proclaim the truth, Big Media be damned

Robert-Paul LeMay

Ms. Dowd is at best a fool and at worst a tool, unwittingly or otherwise, of that collection of "progressive" Catholics, mostly in this country, naturally, who know that they know what is best for the Church if only they can get that roadblock out of the way called the Holy See. I am tired of loving my enemies, i.e. Dowd and her ilk, and if that is falling into the enemy's camp, for the moment, so be it. One could almost wish for a Grand Inquisitor and an auto de fe for this entire crowd but of course in our "let's all be nice to one another society" that won't happen. Let us consider for a moment the Church with ordained women. Does Ms. Dowd presume that we will never have to deal with the problem of lesbianism as some of the protestant denominations do? Or is that accepable to her. I really think that what we are dealing with is the same issue that the Episcopalian church is dealing with, or dying from, and that is homosexual clergy. I am so tired of hearing the label pedophile used when it is known that a miniscule number of these cases have been pedophilia but rather homosexual behavior on the part of men attracted to adolescent boys and young men who haven't reached the legal age of 18 where such behavior would be sinful, immoral & reprehensible, but not illegal. My prayer is thaat somebody, somewhere can shut that woman up.

Manuel G. Daugherty Razetto

There is no more useful duty to society one can perform that uncover, pull apart, show the ugliness, evil and hate that breeds in the hearts of those who aim incessantly at damage and destruction to the Catholic Church. A fact of such specimen is this woman whose energized hatred towards Catholics denotes an abnormality belonging only to those who have been trained to do so.

Foreasmuch Progressive undertaking and Deception are twin born, it ought not to surprise us that Maureen Dowd writes deliberate falsehoods; her constant criticism is uncarefully weighed. Like many of her kind she intrudes usurpingly into the Church's territory which is what she would not do to other pets the Media carefully protects.

Carl E. Olson

Carl, I appreciate your efforts to rebut the diabolical nonsense regurgitated by Big Media, but we are not about to disabuse Big Media journalists of their pernicious mendacity. Our job is not to convince them--they too adamantly cling to their prejudices. Rather, our job is to defeat them.

Thank you, Stephen, for the comment. I harbor no illusions: I doubt Dowd will read what I've read, and if she did, I doubt it would cause her to rethink her position or "logic". But I really don't write for her benefit. My hope is two-fold: first, that anyone who is running up against Dowd-like thinking and attitudes will benefit in some way from my posts; second, that those who might be taken to some degree by Dowd's spoutings will reconsider how able and fair of commentator she is about these and other matters.

Manuel: Well said; thank you.


"She mistakenly or misleadingly confuses the ordination of men (a matter of doctrine) with celibacy (a discipline)"

This is one of the things that drive me mad. *These people don't know the first thing about Catholicism* but hey, the Church must change according to their wishes. A bit as if would think of telling NASA how to land on Jupiter. Truly, for these people ignorance is strenght.

I also agree (and have written elsewhere) that the press vastly exaggerate the importance of PR (because they vastly exaggerate their own importance); that it is absurd to act thinking of what people might do...... who are bent on attacking you anyway; and that the average person out there doesn't give a penny about how the Vatican decides to wrap modifications of the discipline of delicta graviora. Most of those who criticise are those who wanted to criticise anyway, be they self-absorbed journalists showing us how terribly important they are or rabid atheists and feminists who will criticise all the time anyway.

If the PR people at the Vatican saw the objection coming *and decided not to change their ways to accommodate them*, kudos to them.

Gabriel Austin

Interesting is Ms. Dowd's observation:
"enhancing American Catholics’ disenchantment with Rome".

She presumes to speak for American Catholics. Was she elected spokes"person"?

And further is the chauvinism implicit in "American Catholics". Is there such a creature as an "American Catholic"? Or is she thinking of Catholics who happen to be Americans?

The usual term for this is Gallicanism - a church that is more rooted in the country than in the Faith.

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