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Wednesday, July 07, 2010



The Kenyans are in danger of self-determination, of deciding for themselves about abortion. The patronizing intellectual elites of the left in America could not possibly allow that. Pro-choice. Right.

You know, one might understand the lame argument given by the Catholic politicians like Joe Biden who hide behind the self determination principle in America and refuse to interject their "private morality" into the public debate. Supposedly it is the "people" who decide such moral issues.

It is a lame argument, and the cause of scandal in America as we well know, and puts those politicians into a very tenuous position with the Church, incurring a latae sentiae excommunication, whether they recognize it or not, based on their public statements and public votes.

All of that at least implies a certain "impassivity", an unwillingness to interfere with "freedoms" in America. It's not much in their defence, but a faint glimmer of hope.

But I wonder if Joe Biden realizes that he personally has crossed over into new territory here. This is active promotion of evil, being the agent of bribery to cause another people of a different nation, outside of the U.S. Constitution, to participate in the killing of the unborn. Not supporting life is bad enough in a moment like this, but to actively promote the evil on a people undecided carries Biden farther away from his faith than he even was before.

I can only hope that he soon realizes what he has done and experiences a conversion of heart.

Brian J. Schuettler

Biden has no problem expressing his personal opinion about a host of things, including what is best for Kenyan society. The man is just a duplicitous, hypocritical ass. I guess he is also now into bribery advocacy at the behest of his puppet master who, in turn, serves at the behest of his own puppet master, the Wall Street oligarchs...and, speaking of, OMG Obama, I admit I cannot figure the man out even now. He is obviously well spoken and intelligent, but is lacking in principle, weak willed, seemingly light in what used to be called character, and even worse, softly corrupt in the 'go along to get along' and low class grubbiness of the Chicago machine. The choice and continuance of Tim Geithner as Treasury Secretary epitomizes his presidency. The American people voted for change, for a Roosevelt, and were delivered something closer to a Warren G. Harding.


Love the shout out to Kmiec.

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