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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Manuel G. Daugherty Razetto

How appropiate of Fr. James V. Schall to, let us say, wake us up with deep matters concerning questions that we rarely ask ourselves since we mostly look on the surface of affairs without thinking of the powerful and various truth which lies deep below.

How often thus we question that Socrates , via his most able mouth-piece in the Academy, may be helpful to aid us finding the truth. The miracle of Plato's dialogues is that one meets the first type of knowledge-drama at the cradle of our civilization that has a surprising actuality for us, our thinking and logic if we apply ourselves to follow Socrates clear dialectic step by step. I find it not surprising that BXVI favored Plato, just like the fervid Augustine, over the subtle Aquinas.

Fr. Schall work is obviously directed to a readership interested or familiar with platonic investigative discussion however his work proves that the message about truth, virtue, knowledge, erring, power of our will, depends on choice, to pursue excellence or virtue that brings happiness, which is the activity of virtues.

I find his last paragraph as pristine in the sense that we ought to realize that no one owns the truth, that it is a gift to be found, often unexpectedly; we want to know the truth of things no lies in our souls.

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