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Thursday, July 29, 2010



I found the first volume wonderful and await this one eagerly. It is not a huge surprise but really great news if Ignatius will be the first publisher this time. Will it be in hardcover first and then softcover later on? Why was Ignatius not the first publisher for the previous volume--was there not great enough distribution capacity at that time? Or outbid by Doubleday for the rights, or?


Congratulations to Ignatius Press.

I do not believe that the New York Times or LA Times ever reviewed the first volume. This has puzzled me since the book is newsworthy, presses directly on the "hot button" issue of religion (usually of much interest to the New York Times Book Review section), and is of substantial intellectual importance. I have no idea of how the politics of what gets reviewed and what does not works, but I'm guessing that if the first volume was not reviewed the second won't be either. I would like though to see the second volume reviewed by the mainstream press, even if the reviews are negative. Secular efforts to engage and challenge the Pope's ideas make for interesting reading, in my opinion. I presume that a NYT review would also substantially help sales.


Wow. Congratulations.

When is that big announcement?

Brian J. Schuettler

" This has puzzled me ..."
We are talking about the NYT and LAT...enough said.


Bryan, it's pretty big news for the press. Maybe you didn't realize the last version (hard cover) was *not* published by Ignatius, which is pretty much a usurpation of its prior relationship with Ratzinger, before he became pope. It also means it's in the hands of a Catholic, and not secular, publisher, which is pretty significant.

But, yes, it certainly *was* called in the com box in that previous post.


DN. I was in a hurry getting out the door and was trying to make a joke. I should have included a winky smiley face, but didn't. Sort of had a sarcastic ring to it, but it was not intended.

I'm thrilled for Ignatius press on this one. Never have I been more excited to give them my money.

Paul H

This is awesome news for Ignatius Press. I'm very glad to hear it. I thought that the first volume of Jesus of Nazareth was excellent (and a much easier read than the few other Ratzinger books that I have read, or at least started reading). I look forward to the second volume.

Mark Brumley

The book will be released first in hardcover and sometime later in softcover. Pretty standard arrangement, that. I think this is going to be a very important book. Pope Benedict takes scripture scholarship seriously. He is no fundamentalist. At the same time, he recognizes the many serious shortcoming of a historical-critical-only-reductionist approach.

It will be fascinating to read Benedict XVI on the passion, death, and resurrection of the Lord, and all the controversies surrounding these great salvific events.

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