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Monday, July 19, 2010


Pontius Socrates

"Most illegal immigrants are not breaking the law because they enjoy breaking the law. Most come here because they want to give themselves and their families a better life, free from oppressive government regulation."

Oh,so that excuses breaking the law?

"Your Honor, I don't enjoy robbing stores, but we're poor, have bills to pay, and can't find a job in this recessions, so I'm sure you understand..."

More asininity:

" Not surprisingly, a thriving black market of illegal immigrants, who do not have the time or money to navigate America’s prohibitively complex immigration system, has arisen to satisfy American employers’ and consumers’ need for inexpensive labor."

"Need for inexpensive labor" [...] :

Further, the Cato Institute estimated that if border enforcement were increased enough to stop the flow of immigrants, American economic output would be reduced by $80 billion annually for ten years. Coupled with the deportation of illegal immigrants already here, that number could double."

Ever hear of the phrase "Lies, damn lies, and statistics"?

Clarence Knutsen

Until the pro-amnesty crowd stop misquoting the meaning of the biblical statements they make there is never going to be a ground for a fruitful discussion. E.g. Mr. Moore's "quote" of Leviticus 19. The law clearly refers to a person who "sojourns". Webster: "to stay as a temporary resident." The reference isn't to any degree a reference to millions moving into another country to the degree that they can effectively control the shaping and control of thousands of square miles of that country -- which is what the amnesty promoters want to bring about.

You want us to become deaf, dumb & blind to the political reality by the misuse of scripture.
The evidence is all around us: aliens marching to demand the rights of US citizenship; students in So. Cal. who look not to the U.S. and its history but back to Mexico, including flying the flag of the US upside down, etc. etc.

Fabrication of facts and "authorities" is not a good way to begin the search for "a middle way"."You shall not steal, nor deal falsely, nor lie to one another." Leviticus 19:11.

Clarence Knutsen

After I wrote my earlier comments the noon news is reporting that seven other South American nations are joing Mexico in opposing the Ariz Immigration law (the exact model of long-standing US law). Now if Mr. Moore and his organizations think that that isn't at least suspicious (sinister?) as to their motives -- then they are blind or ???? If anyone thinks that those dictatorships are worried about the poor they are dumping onto American shoulders, I have no hope for any realistic dialogue.

Control the flow to acheive integration with American society. If you want a Spanish related society, by all means repatriate to one of those countries. If you are poor, I'll bet you won't be given an entry visa.

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