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Monday, July 26, 2010


John Herreid

Oh, hey! I think that's the same skellmeyer (or Steve Kellmeyer) who wasted many a pixel five or so years ago attempting to prove that Ignatius Press was promoting Gnosticism.

Now I feel all nostalgic. Good to see that he's continued as a scholar of all doctrines and master of none.

Dale Price

That was an impressive beatdown.

Mark Shea

He's also been busy trying to persuade his reader(s?) that Bishop Jenky is conspiring to destroy Ken Howell, despite the fact that the diocese is trying to help Howell. A guy in his combox tries to make him see a little reason and charity, but the Judge of All Mortal Flesh will have none of it. The great and terrible Skellmeyer has weighed the bishop in the balance and found him wanting--a fairly predictable outcome whenever Steve discusses any person not blessed enough to be Steve.


After reading your unprovoked and uncharitable comments towards Father Eutenaur, (re: Harry Potter) I find this comment just delicious.

Pot. This is kettle. Meet black.

Let the circular firing squad commence.


Dr Peter's has a valid point - that did not help his argument.
Still waiting for answers from him (West) regarding what other critics have brought to light.

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