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Thursday, July 15, 2010


Clare Krishan

The Austrian Knight (in German = Ritter von) was an arch-liberal in the deepest Christian sense of the unconditional salvific generosity of Divine Drace. Worthy of mention perhaps, in this week of festivities to the contemplative presence of Mt. Carmel in enclosure the world over. As gharm-el (land parcel/ garden/ vineyard of God) the endowments of monastery or convents are hopefully sacrosanct from predation. But this understanding is not -- and was not (both Republican France under Napoleon and K-u-K Austria under Emperor Joseph II justified expropriation, ie stealing, religious properties as "idle, non-productive, unaccomplished") -- a universally defended principle. Many military barracks and state institutions are housed in former cloisters all over Europe - the "State" deemed material relief from evil more worthy than any spiritual combat. Consider Catholic author Bernanos's take on our penchant for 'moralistic therapeutic deism' (elevating the material relief of suffering to the be all and end all of philanthropy):
"The sister of charity is loved for keeping kids’ noses wiped; but the moment she enters Carmel, she becomes for some a fanatic, and, for the more indulgent others, a rare flower, an ornament, a precious human trinket … But what is all this? What does this have to do with the crucified Christ?" ...elsewhere he terms this disregard "deicide" ... This is why the Church can rejoice in the “unaccomplished” lives of Carmel.

Protecting the autonomous property rights of ecclesial institutions is key to any scheme of political justice worthy of the name (ie my family, even my religious family has rights BEFORE the state exists and limits them) and Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn follows closely in Bl. Rosmini's and Pio Nono's "liberal" footsteps for this simple reason - they feared the tyranny of relativism of arbitrary absolutism and what it meant to the economy of grace.

Rick S.

The year of Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn was actually 1999. I only know because he lectured in a class at Grove City College in 1994 and I remember it until this day. A really neat guy.

Jordan AJF8

Sometimes, I pride myself on this beautiful garden.

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