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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Signe Kelker

I would not be surprised if they use the fact that the U is now going to pay him as a way to "trump up" some way to get rid of him down the road...peer review and using the universities "inclusiveness" policy, perhaps? I don't think this situation is over by any means, but am glad to here that he's been reinstated.

Paul H

Please see the following blog post for why this news might not be quite as good as it sounds:

Ken Howell and the U of I's Response: A Poison Pill


Stunner. Answer to prayer.

Brian J. Schuettler

Look at the details. Instead of breaking him, they have decided to bend him.


Those of us who are friends on that Facebook network need to band together to pressure U of I to reinstate the man at a normal salary...not a third of what he used to make. This is an "I dare you" from the university. We need to call their bluff, and U of I alums who are against this need to withdraw their pledges of financial support to the university immediately, and indefinitely, until real intellectual freedom has returned. This is a bone tossed to irate Catholics, and it's not a very good one. We need to keep whatever pressure we can ON these people, using the only language they understand better than PC-speak: money.


S. Quinn

Apparently past invited "Catholic" visiting professors included......wait for it.....Charles Curran! Now that the university makes the decisions, they can kick Howell out after one semester and hire, oh, I don't know, Hans Kung? "Sister" Joan Chittester (who apparently shocked a few people in England when she suggested that there was no proof that Jesus was male....)

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