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Sunday, July 18, 2010


George Alexa

What got my attention was the sentence of being in the same room as Jesus, but am I paying attention to Him! I thought about being at Mass...I was "in the room", but did I pay attention to Him? I think we might all ask this question.

sandra edwards

We must follow the example of Mary, always focus our attention on Christ, stop entertaining to look polite and give our full attention to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savoir. Sometime we are at communion but our minds are elsewhere. God Bless

Simon Whitney

I think the story also shows that while it is good to serve the Lord through being active in good works and looking after people's needs, Jesus really wants me far more than he wants my gifts and activity.

And it is just the same the other way round. God wants us to love him for himself and not just his gifts (even though we are in desperate need of his gifts at all times)

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