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Wednesday, July 07, 2010



I'm trying to figure out what Scotus' hand signs mean. Do you know?

Brian J. Schuettler

I'm trying to figure out what Scotus' hand signs mean. Do you know?

The latest soccer score...Spain 0 Scotland ???

Sandra Miesel

My two semesters of metaphysics in college featured Scotus, with Aquinas entioned now and then as someone who disagreed with Scotus. We were told that the reason Scotus was so neglected was that he "wrote Latin with a Scottish accent" and there wasn't (at that time) a critical edition of his work.

The Scotistic proof for the existence of God iw worth looking into, as it starts with self-knowledge and not the exterior world.

lee faber

It's nice to see Scotus getting some papal attention, and its positive this time! Though the holy father is still wrong about the relation of intellect and will. the intellect and will are both essentially ordered co-causes of acts of volition. the intellect is always prior, in that it is an apprehensive power and supplies the objects of willing to the will.

Brian J. Schuettler

Let us remember, rightly or wrongly, the controversy that surrounds Scotus inre voluntarism. I would like to hear Sandra Miesel's opinion on this.

To say that the Holy Father is "wrong" about the relationship between Will and Intellect is itself wrong. This issue remains open for discussion among philosophers and theologians and only God Himself in His essence has the answer definitively.


I meant "wrong" in his interpretation of Scotus; I wouldn't presume to say such a thing without that qualification. The ironic thing is that the position he attributes to Aquinas in the lecture is actually that of Scotus. See Lectura II d. 25.

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