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Friday, July 23, 2010



I wonder if she will realize, before the end, that the "old men" will still be in the Vatican long after her brand of revisionism is a mere historical footnote. Or that to be contemporary and cool is to be regarded by future generations as dated and myopic. Her brand of "relevance" looks to me (a recent convert) like the polyester leisure suit of ecclesiology.


Right, the Holy Father should have immediately cancelled the visitation once the gulf oil spill got out of hand. That's completely logical.


Pray for her. The realization of one's irrelevance can be traumatic.


It may, and perhaps should (thought, I doubt that), be said that at one time she had a message that should have been heard. (Lest we forget, we’ve not always been good to our women religious.) If that ever was the case, then, that time has long since past. She distributed her brand of heresy under the guise of a purveyor of legitimate reform. Alas, the “reform” she promoted was nothing less than a falsehood destructive to the faith of countless Catholic men and women.

She is now famous for being famous; she has nothing to say, but if she relinquishes a moment in the spotlight, then, she will loose her bully pulpit and her fame will cease. History tends not to forget the truth and those who bear it. She would witness being forgotten in her own lifetime and, hence, be forced accept that she was wrong along… and I think she knows that and finds it unbearable.

Pray for her, indeed.


She is. of course, right about everything if you assume theology is unimportant. The visitations are expensive. Many nuns are doing good work from a secular perspective. It is just that pesky little detail that what they are teaching is not what is in the catechism. Why bother about that?

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