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Tuesday, July 27, 2010



Oh well, "presumed consent" might open the eyes of those who always want to save the planet by proxy.

The statistics make in fact amusing reading: at least 80% of the respondent are in favour of....... other people donating organs which they wouldn't donate themselves. Can't blame them of course, but with the good-ism and the omnipresent nannies thinking that they can reshape human nature, it is not surprising at all that vast support for organ donations should become vast support for organ theft. The answer is, then, in learning to say to the nannies to just shut up and let human beings be human beings.

Personally, my trust in the ethical standards of the medical profession is so low that I do not doubt that if I were between life and death, many a doctor would not fight to keep me alive thinking of the rich organ harvest to be had from my corpse.
If you think this is cynical and unjust, please just reflect of how many doctors practice abortions without the slightest problem.

Nannyism must be crushed wherever it is found.

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