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Friday, June 18, 2010



After reading the man's post, I came away with mixed feelings. Sure it is the parents' job to teach, but I do not think they can do it alone, and I do think the Church right now *is* in some sense complicit in producing a generation of "beautiful little pagans." The writer's use of that phrase was for me prescient enough to compensate for some of his other bad ideas. How many people would describe their kids or grandkids as such, and how many people would retort, "How dare you judge their souls!" I in no way want womyn priests, but I would be in shock if I ever heard a priest tell his audience they lived and loved amongst BLP, nominal or post-Christians that needed saving.


I, on the other hand, did not come away with mixed feelings. I know very well that what you're saying is true, Carl. I have a son who is a priest for the last 4 yrs & 2 brothers who are priests. We have the same family dissensions as every fam has but the Church is always & has always been the Body of Christ on earth. Period.

When parents spend their time pointing fingers (at teachers, priests or whoever), they are failing in their vocation of training their children in the way they should go. Its alot easier to raise kids that way bc there is always someone else to blame & therefore, I don't have to blame myself or my kids. The problem is that this way of living is, at bottom, totally selfish & therefore prideful.

In this world, we always eventually reap what we sow so the there is no surprise at this man's post (that you linked to).


"Would he [Jesus] have an open mind to this suggestion: Allow single young men and women to become priests for a fixed period, say five to ten years, after which they could decide to stay on or leave to follow a different vocation."

How does Matthew 9:9 go? Oh yeah, "As Jesus went on from there, he saw a man named Matthew sitting at the tax collector's booth. 'Follow me for five to ten years and then if you don't like it you can decide whether to go back and be a tax collector again.'" Or something like that.

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