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Friday, June 18, 2010


Clare Krishan

I attempted to argue along similar lines in a comment over at Patrick Madrid's post on Hawaii Right to Life clip
(in other words, parsing Pieper thusly "(Sh)e must turn away from h(er) own act and fix h(er) eyes upon reality.") on why using the horror genre is not the way to go to.

The "act" of course spoken of is only an individual one in the case of rape, otherwise consensual intercourse implies parsing Pieper thusly "H(e and Sh)e must turn away from hi(s and her) own act and fix (their) eyes upon reality." (i.e. fecundity is unrelated to disposition, it just is, a mystery of nature's providential purpose. The clip glamorizes the mystery of evil, not so appealing for mass marketing IMHO). Their always needs to be a "their" there or else the isolation of abandonment will lead to reality being seen as evil not good. We are social creatures for a reason - its the cor-ad-cor-loquitor means by which we are redeemed by the conduits of grace in others' acts.

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